Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Wine Delight, an Online Liquor and Wine Retailer, Highlights Johnnie Walker Blue Label

Wine Delight offers a variety of affordable, high quality, rare and aged liquors and wines. One of the most popular spirits they carry is Johnnie Walker Blue Label Scotch Whisky. With a familiar name and a clean, beautiful bottle, it’s easy to see why Johnnie Walker Blue Label is so popular.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label is offered in a standard, 750ml bottle and comes packaged securely in an elegant, velvet-lined, navy blue box. Scotches of varying age are used for the Johnnie Walker Blue Label blend, with some purists hypothesizing that Scotches over 30 years of age might be included in the Blue Label batch. While this is up for debate, it certainly gives weight to the fine quality and reputation of the Scotch.

Some information about Johnnie Walker Blue Label Whisky:
  • a blend of regions, but usually includes Scotch from Islay
  • varying age of Scotches in the blend
  •  80 proof (40% ABV)
  • Can be custom engraved at Wine Delight
  • Uniqud, smooth flavor and finish
  • Hand-selected barrels for each batch 

Because of the unique blend of Scotches in Johnnie Walker Blue Label, it is advisable that you enjoy this whisky by itself without other foods or beverages that might dilute the unique palate of the Scotch. For a unique Scotch with a smooth taste and loyal following, its $149.95 price tag makes it an affordable luxury. Furthermore, its widespread availability makes it an accessible Scotch for any collection.

Why: high quality, respectable name, smooth, blended finish and taste

About Wine Delight
Wine Delight is an online retailer of the finest wines, champagnes, Scotches, bourbons, and other liquors. With such a wide variety of rare bourbon and aged Scotch available, there is no better spot for your spirits shopping. Visit Wine Delight today and browse their selection.

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