Friday, August 2, 2013

Engraved Bottles: A More Personal Wedding Gift

Selecting a gift from a wedding registry to give a recently wed couple is the norm, but it’s not exactly the most personal gift you could give. Why not consider an engraved wine bottle instead? If the couple in question likes a particular spirit more than wine, you could engrave a liquor bottle, such as an aged scotch or a bottle of bourbon whiskey. Long after the bottle is empty, your gift recipients will still be able to enjoy the bottle’s personalized message. They’ll always remember their special event and the thoughtful person who gifted them the bottle.

Wine Delight offers bottle engraving for all bottles available on its website. The engraving is put directly on the bottle, above the label. You can engrave up to three lines on the bottle with a 20-character limit per line.

Not sure what to say on the engraving? How about the couple’s names and their wedding date? You could engrave a few lines from the song of their first dance or a line from their favorite poem that was recited at the ceremony. Or you could put down a famous quote that you feel describes them perfectly. Another idea is to engrave a wish that you have for them - maybe years of happiness or lots of children - to make it even more personal. Other than the engraving itself, it’s important to select the perfect bottle for the newlyweds. First, determine whether they’re wine people or if they prefer fine liquor.

A bottle of champagne is always a great way to celebrate an event as special as the union between two people who love each other. Look through the available champagne bottles at Wine Delight and choose the perfect one to give as a gift. Champagne ages well, so the couple could save it for a special occasion such as their one year anniversary.

A robust bottle of red wine is a splendid way to wish the newlyweds a lifetime of romance. Choose a red wine that will age perfectly over the years and suggest the couple wait until their 10-year or 20-year anniversary to enjoy the special gift. Call us and we can help you select an elegant red wine that will be perfectly aged by the time it is finally opened.

When gifting a newly married couple a bottle of liquor, you should consider liquors that are already aged such as an aged scotch or ten-year-old vodka. The liquor won’t age any more in the bottle, but it also won’t go bad if it doesn’t get opened for several years. Johnnie Walker Blue Label Scotch whisky is a great example of a beautifully aged scotch that your gift recipients will absolutely love.

Give a beautiful engraved bottle of wine or liquor as a unique and thoughtful wedding gift the next time you attend a ceremony. The lucky couple will appreciate how personal the gift is and they'll always remember you fondly every time they look at the engraving.


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