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Gifts For Your Clients | Business Gift Guide

Corporate Gift Giving Guide

You’re coming up to the end of another (hopefully) successful calendar year in the corporate world, but don’t wrap up the year quite yet. With the holidays just around the corner, now is the time to think about corporate gift ideas. Wait until the last minute, and you’ll be stuck handing out stale fruitcake or the cheap mugs with the company’s logo that you can’t seem to give away.

Your gifts for employees or clients shouldn’t be memorable for the wrong reasons. You don’t want to be the person known for being cheap, impersonal or completely off the mark. Instead, choose gifts for clients, colleagues and the boss that keep your company in mind, show you care and reflect the recipient’s tastes. Do that and you’ll be the talk around the water cooler.

Gift Giving Considerations

Before you reach for the first thing that grabs your attention, consider the implications of corporate gift giving. If you give your Aunt Ida a gift she hates, she might not speak to you at the next family gathering. (Maybe that’s not a bad thing.) But offending a client, business partner or employee can hurt your business.

Keep these things in mind when choosing gifts on behalf of your business:
  • The recipient: It’s easy to buy in bulk for everyone on your corporate gift-giving list, but this option also feels a little impersonal and lacking in thought. If your list of recipients is relatively short, pick out something special for each person.

    If a client barely knows how to boil water, a cooking-themed gift will likely flop. If the recipient never leaves town, engraved luggage tags won’t likely get much use. Choose gifts that take into consideration the preferences, interests and lifestyles of the recipients for the best reactions.
  • The budget: This relates both to the actual cost and the perceived value of the gift. Sure, a low-cost gift saves your company money, but everyone can spot a cheap gift a mile away. On the other end of the spectrum, spending an extravagant amount or gifting something with an exaggerated value gets tricky. It can look like you’re trying to buy your clients. Instead, stick with the middle of the road with a gift that shows your gratitude without looking like a bribe.
  • The purpose: Ask yourself why you are giving a gift to this particular person. You want to show your employees your appreciation for their hard work all year. You want to thank your clients for their business and show them you care about their needs. You want to find a gift for your boss that shows your gratitude for the opportunity to work for them and maybe to earn a few brownie points so they keep you in mind for that raise and promotion.

    Choose a gift that shows how you feel or that fills a need for the recipient. A tool the recipient can use for work purposes shows you are aware of their needs and care that they are filled, for example.
  • The unique nature: In the corporate world, clients or business partners likely get a lot of swag during the holidays. Printed mugs, stale boxes of chocolate and bottle openers with your company’s logo all have their place, but they won’t do much to make your gift memorable. They may even end up in the garbage or in the storage closet with all the other cliché gifts. Stand out from the crowd with a gift that is out of the ordinary and something the recipient genuinely likes.

Relate the Gift to Your Company

One major perk of giving gifts, especially if your clients are the recipients, is to make the recipient think of you and your company. It’s a great way to thank the recipient while also promoting sales or repeat business. Each time the recipient sees the gift, it reminds him of your company or line of work.
For example, a high-end fountain pen with your editing company’s logo on it reminds your corporate clients of editing work they need to send your way each time they jot down a note. A novelty flash drive reminds clients of the services offered by your IT company every time they save documents.

Gifting something useful that also relates to your company’s purpose or business benefits both the recipient and your sales.

Make Them Remember You

You’ve heard it a million times: It’s the thought that counts. It’s very true when giving gifts, but it’s also a perk if you can make the recipient think about you long after the Christmas tree and holiday decorations get packed away. One option is to give something the recipient uses on a regular basis — even better if you can add your company’s name or logo without making it look like a cheesy gift. It serves as a constant reminder of your company each time the recipient uses it.

Another option is to keep the gifts coming all year long with a subscription to an item of the month club. Knowing what your intended recipient likes or how they live and work can be a big help in choosing the right membership.

A gourmet food of the month club is an option for the foodie on your list. If the recipient likes to add a little flourish to their wardrobe and has a sense of humor, try the sock of the month club through Sock 101. They’ll always have a new pair of socks to wear to the office. These types of clubs are available for almost anything you can think of, from razors and beauty supplies to healthy snack foods.

Since a subscription usually means the recipient has to wait a while for the first shipment, attach a card to a bottle of their favorite wine or liquor explaining the membership and letting them know when to expect the first shipment. They get the gift of alcohol right away with the monthly reminder of how thoughtful you are once the subscription kicks in.

Give the Gift of High-End Liquor

The holidays and liquor go hand-in-hand, so it’s a logical option to give a bottle of liquor as a corporate gift. Knowing what the recipient likes to drink comes in handy with this gift option.

Buying tequila for a scotch-only drinker won’t earn you any points, although they will be able to throw an amazing Cinco de Mayo party for employees next year with that tequila. Others on your list may be more open to various types of liquor. If you’re not sure what type of liquor the recipient likes, ask around or invite them for a drink so you can do a little research. It helps to know a little about the basic types of liquor. Here’s a quick primer if you’re not sure which way to go:

Don’t head to the local supermarket and grab just any bottle of liquor. If you’re going to give alcohol as a gift, it needs to be something special. Choose premium alcohol with a unique story to show you know your cognac from your whisky. WineDelight offers all sorts of unique liquor options for your gift-giving needs.

High-End Liquor Gift Ideas

Macallan Rare Cask is made from some of the scarcest and most precious Spanish sherry seasoned oak casks. Many of these handpicked casks are first fill.

WhistlePig 10YR and 12YR is created using a unique double-barrel process. The results of this process are celebrated as the perfect combination of age, proof and purity. This straight-rye whiskey has earned 96 points from Wine Enthusiast — the highest rating they ever gave — along with accolades from Maxim, GQ, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes and many others.

 For the tequila lover on your holiday shopping list, check out Casamigos Anejo. This tequila, which is only produced in small batches, is made from the finest hand-selected blue weber agave that grows in the cool climate and red, rich clay of the Jalisco Highlands in Mexico. Its process includes roasting slowly for 72 hours in traditional brick ovens. The juices then ferment over 80 hours in a unique yeast blend. Finally, it ages in an oak barrel for over 14 months.

Gift the distinctive Germain-Robin. It’s a Very Special Old Pale, which designates a blend of brandies with the youngest aged for at least four years.

For a classy, elegant gift, opt for a high-end cognac, such as Remy Martin XO. This fine champagne cognac is a blend of more than 300 eaux-de-vie, aged 10 to 37 years old. The result is a rich, layered aroma, velvety texture and long-lasting finish.

The gin drinker in the group will appreciate their very own bottle of Nolet's Silver Dry Gin. This Double Gold Medal Winner from the 2011 San Francisco World Spirits Competition is considered the “new face of gin,” thanks to its fresh notes of raspberry, peach and Turkish rose. It is the result of 300 years of Nolet family experience. Any lucky recipient of this bottle of alcohol will likely feel like giving you an award for Best Holiday Gift Ever.

El Dorado 15YR and 21YR are two great choices for the rum drinker in your life. El Dorado Special Reserve 15 Year Old Rum is layered with flavors, from dark coffee, almonds and dark chocolate to candied orange, rich vanilla and pepper. It’s vibrant, silky and moderately full-bodied. El Dorado Special Reserve 21 Year Old Rum has a tropical spice and fruit nose with touches of dark sugar and honey. The mellow, round, full-bodied palate is rich with flavor. 

WineDelight offers a wide selection of liquor in any variety. We’re happy to ship the liquor directly to the recipient. Or you can deliver it yourself. The recipient may let the holiday spirit overtake them and offer you a drink on the spot.

High-End Liquor Gift Add-Ons

Once you select the bottle of liquor for each recipient, add in a related gift to give something to go along with the alcohol. Here are some ideas:
  • Glassware: Choose something fun and unconventional to really make an impression. Try Himalayan salt tequila glasses, stainless steel shot glasses or other unique glasses. Match the glassware to the type of alcohol you give.
  • Bar accessories: Add in some tools to help the recipient enjoy the liquor — or impress their friends when they pull out the new bottle at their next gathering. Chilling stones make a classy gift and allow them to enjoy cool liquor without worrying about watering it down. A cocktail shaker in a fun shape or design works well paired with alcohol designed for mixing. Or get them a whole set of bartender tools so they can serve up their new bottle of alcohol with flair.
  • A mixing guide: If you’re gifting liquor to someone who doesn’t know a lot about it, throw in a drink mixing guide. Choose a hardcover book with colorful images so it doubles as a decorative piece. Match the theme of the drink mixing book to the type of alcohol you give.

Or Go With the Safe Bet: High-End Wine

Whether the recipient is a wine connoisseur or doesn’t know their merlot from their pinot noir, a bottle of wine is always a suitable option for gift giving. Wine is classy without being too stuffy, so it works for everyone from that uptight executive to the most outgoing employees at your company. Plus wine is easy to serve. Remove the cork and it’s ready to drink. No special recipes, measuring or mixing required.

WineDelight offers all types of wines, both from the U.S. and other parts of the world. With a wide range of prices, you can find a bottle that fits your corporate gift budget.

If you’re not sure which wine to choose, it helps to know the range of both white and red wines. While white wines are generally sweeter than red wines, both varieties have a range of sweet to dry:
  • Red wines from sweeter to drier: port, shiraz, malbec, merlot, cabernet sauvignon, syrah, cabernet franc, chanti
  • White wines from sweeter to drier: white port, ice wine, moscato, riesling, chardonnay

High-End Wine Gift Options

Choose a bottle of wine that has significant meaning for the recipient. Gift a bottle of Cade Cabernet Sauvignon Howell Mountain Napa Valley to a client who started with your company in 2012. If your company started in 2009, commemorate the anniversary by giving out bottles of Dunn Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon from the same year. Relive the business trip you took with a colleague to the Napa Valley with a bottle of BV Georges de Latour Cabernet Sauvignon 2005. Finding a special connection through the wine you choose makes the gift that much more meaningful.

If you don’t have a special request based on year or origin, go with a high-end bottle of wine based on the taste preferences of the recipient. Terrazas knows how to do red with its Cheval Des Andes Mendoza and has a celebrated Cabernet Sauvignon: its Single Vineyard Los Aromos Cabernet Sauvignon.

Montes Alpha 'M' 2005 is powerful, with rounded and soft tannins. This intense dark red color has well-defined, elegant character. Its Folley Syrah 2005 features a range of aromas and flavors, from leather, asphalt and toasty cedar wood to vanilla and spicy berry.

High-End Wine Gift Add-Ons

Round out the gift with a wine-related item. Pack it all in a gift basket or wooden crate for a creative presentation. If you’re not sure what to include with the wine bottle, consider one of these wine-themed gifts:
  • A corkscrew: This gift addition ensures the recipient doesn’t have to wait to test out their gift. If you want to add a personal touch, buy a customized corkscrew. Add a special message and the recipient’s name or your company’s name so the recipient remembers you every time they open a bottle of vino.
  • A decanter: Help your work acquaintance get the most out of their bottle of wine with a decanter. You’ll find decanters in a variety of styles, including those with different compartments of funky twisting shapes. They’ll be proud to display their new decanter every time they serve wine.
  • A wine rack: Keep their wine bottles under control with a wine rack. You can go big with a multiple-bottle design or stay small with a novelty single-bottle display stand. Either way, the recipient gets to show off their new bottle of wine — at least until they can’t take it anymore and have to pop the cork.
  • A wine guide: This option works well for those novice wine drinkers. Choose a coffee table-style book to make this gift option seem substantial. They can brush up on all the different types of wine. You just may turn them into a wine connoisseur after they learn everything there is to know about wine.
  • A wine stopper: We know it’s hard to believe, but some people don’t finish a bottle of wine in one sitting. For those who want to draw out the enjoyment of their wine gift, a wine stopper is a fun addition to the gift. Choose a fun design that matches the recipient’s personality and interests for bonus points.
  • Serving gear: Give the recipient everything they need to enjoy the wine by including a set of wine glasses. Go stemless for modern simplicity. Or choose a decorative glass option to make the glasses as pretty as they are functional.
  • Gourmet food: Wine and snacks go hand-in-hand, so this is a natural addition to the wine gift collection. Fill a basket with artisan cheeses, breads, chocolates and fruits to please the palette of the recipient. Add in a personalized cheese board to round out the gift.

Turn the Bottle Into a Gift

If a bottle of alcohol makes the cut on your list of corporate gifts, take it a step further. Engraving on the bottle is a simple way to turn the gift into a personalized present that says a lot. Engraved bottles for corporate gifts allow you to put thanks into words, recount a milestone with a client or add an inspirational quote. Plus the bottle becomes a keepsake and constant reminder of your thoughtfulness, even if the alcohol doesn’t last long.

WineDelight offers bottle engraving on most of our available wines and liquors. The wide selection of available liquor and wines — including white, red and bubbly — means you can find just the right bottle for each recipient. Or order in bulk so your employees don’t fight over who gets what. We can even engrave these bulk orders if you want to spread a certain message to everyone.

All engraving takes place in house with the attention to detail you can only get from WineDelight. This allows us to get your personalized liquor bottles to you faster. We can even do same-day engraving and shipping on certain whisky bottles, including WhistlePig Rye. Your clients can still get a personalized gift even if you wait until the last minute to order.

Let WineDelight Help With Your Corporate Holiday Gifts

WineDelight offers an extensive selection of liquors and wines, many that are difficult to find in stores. With such a wide selection, you can take care of everyone on your shopping list in one spot.

But we aren’t a one-size-fits-all alcohol store. We’re here to customize your experience so you get just what you want. Not only can we engrave your bottles, but we can also take care of the packaging, with options for gift wrapping, custom packaging and gift tags. Trust us. Your assistant will love the fact that they won’t get stuck wrapping all those bottles. We also offer picture proofs to ensure your vision of the gift is being achieved and dedicated account reps who work with you every step along the way.

We can also take your mailing list and ship the gifts directly to the recipients. All you have to do is place the order and sit back until the sincere thank you notes from all of the recipients start rolling in. If wine or liquor is on your corporate shopping list, check out the WineDelight options.


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